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Since Group works as a pool too, I've worked with two games that required a getRandomAlive function. However, the group doesn't really have that method, so I was left to rolling out my own.


Any tips? I can think of two things personally, and I used the first in my former game.

Basically, I use a do while loop until I get an alive sprite using getRandom(). It's simple and direct, but I can imagine the game taking a performance hit, because of rejection sampling.


Another idea is to use forEachAlive and append each of the elements in an array, then get a random element from that array. Sounds wasteful though, and it's like, what, O(n) operation?


I guess the reason this might be tricky to do is because group uses linked list (if I'm correct?). If that's the case, another Idea is to go to a random index, and then iterate until I hit an alive element. But I'm not really sure how to do that. (Phaser.Group has a next and prev method, but as far as the docs there is not get element in cursor method!? Or will iterating the cursor move it to change the getFirstAlive Result - as in relative to current cursor).

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