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Is it possible to over crank a shadow.


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Hey all, so I have a scene where I have lit the objects using several lights and turned one of my lights into a shadow caster. The shape of the shadow looks great but because of the other lights the shadow is just not dark enough. I can go through and redo my lighting, but that kind of stinks because everything is looking great except the darkness of the shadows. So I was wondering if there was a way to "over crank" a shadow to make it darker?  I currently have the shadow darkness set to 0. Any ideas?

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Hi, I'm not sure I understand correctly but I can give a few small tactics.

You have more than one light, you want the shadows to be dark. If you share a Playground you can get easier help. 

1- shadowGenerator.setDarkness(0); You can use this line. It takes a value between 0-1. 0 is the darkest.
2- If the lights are crossed, you can reduce the lights that block the shadow by using yourLightName.intensity = 0.5 In this way, the shadow will stay darker.
i hope it helps. It may be useful to share a playround so that other people can better understand the problem and help :")
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Thanks for the response guys. Regarding a playground example: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#B48X7G#22

What I would like to do is make the shadow completely black without changing the intensity of the lights. I can of course change the emissiveColor properties of materials. But for the sake of discussion, I like how my materials and light look but the only thing I want to change is the darkness of the shadow. Possible?

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