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Problem with physics and collision


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Hi all,


I implemented a test with phaser in which i got a 6 columns x 6 rows big field full of blocks.

In the beginning of the "game" the blocks get generated and fall from above onto an immovable sprite. Everything works as expected.

Now, if I remove some of the blocks (kill) the remaining blocks should fall down and new generated blocks should fall on top of the remaining ones.

Here I hit a problem:

In the moment the new blocks fall from above they seem to "push" the remaining ones through each other.


I hope you understand my problem.


Here is the relevant code I used:

create() {	this.game.stage.backgroundColor = "#000000";	this.border = this.game.add.sprite(0, 896, 'border');	this.border.body.immovable = true;        // Here I create the column groups	 for (var i = 0; i < 6; i++) { 		var group = this.game.add.group();		 group.createMultiple(6, 'motdAssets');		 this.columns.push(group);	}}update() {	for (var i = 0; i < 6; i++) {		this.currentColumn = i;		this.columns[i].forEachDead(this.createRandomBlock, this);               // create new blocks if "old" ones get killed		this.columns[i].forEachAlive(this.worldBlockCollitionTest, this);            // check collision with the bottom border		this.game.physics.collide(this.columns[i], this.columns[i]);                  // all items from one column should collide with each other	}            }private createRandomBlock(block: Phaser.Sprite): void {	var spriteName = this.getRandomSpriteName();	block.reset(this.currentColumn * 128, this.columns[this.currentColumn].countLiving() * - 130);	block.frameName = spriteName;    	block.body.gravity.y = 500;}private worldBlockCollitionTest(block: Phaser.Sprite) {	this.game.physics.collide(block, this.border);}

I hope you are able to help me :)


Thanks in advance


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Ok, this seems to be a bug with the gravity. It happens, that the internal "block" check fails and applies gravity to elements which are actual blocked. That causes glitches with stacked objects.


EDIT: If I dont reuse the objects in the groups (kill and reset), but destroy and recreate them, it seems to work.

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