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Trying to animate a girl to rotation 90 degree, result in her rotate in circles (with PG)


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I import a mesh of animation girl, and trying to rotate her then move her in sequence.

But the animation goes wild as girl rotate like 10 circles before she stays at the final key. Any reason for that and how do I fix?



btw, I always wanna ask, how do you animate a mesh's scaling? Do you have to make 3 animations for scaling.x, scaling.y, scaling.z?

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3 hours ago, brianzinn said:

Here is how to rotate that model.... I think if you see this PG you can hopefully get the answer to your second question:
hint: You need to change the animation type :)


1. Could you explain a bit why trying to change 'rotation.y' will result in such weird manner?

2. And when do I have to use rotationQuaternion to do the job? I see use case of 'rotation.y' here in this PG, and it works fine https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2L26P1#8 

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