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What is scene._environmentBRDFTexture?


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While I still want to know what that is, I found it because I was looking at scene level environment texture.  Is there functionality to cause a sky box to be added without actually creating the mesh yourself?  Could this maybe be added, where the programmer is still responsible for the radius?  Blender can do this, but I do not think it actually needs a box.


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Thanks.  Something weird though, I cannot find "createDefaultEnvironment" in the scene.ts file.  I tried the one in Github. Finally found it in sceneHelpers.  I see EnvironmentHelper has no serialized options, or a parse method.  That would mean the JSON exporter would not be able to set the option (overrides actually) of a default environment.

Think I'll just try to see if environment texture through for now.  Possibly add Blender custom properties later.

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Well, re-activating topic since I found new stuff.  I am currently reading node trees now, and this what it looks like from Blender 2.79 / cycles.


For .babylon (JSON), there is actually both facilities for environment textures & skybox right in babylonFileLoader.ts.  Sorry, but I do not know what some of this stuff is.  I just got this hiker cave file from https://hdrihaven.com/hdris/.  blender works with this.  Is this a BABYLON.HDRCubeTexture?  If so, what is the hdrSize, an arbitrary number that is a power of 2, or the size of the texture?  I an not sure how or if I can get a texture dimension from Blender.  Next would be what is environmentTextureRotationY?

Would anything need to be different when using PBR vs not?  I hope not, since that is all that is serializable.

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Ok, been playing some more, does it make sense that the equivalent of the HDRTexture vs createFromPrefilteredData in Blender / Cycles is the color_space parameter of the Environment Texture?  In the picture above, it is set to Color, but here is the dropdownlist:



Should it be createFromPrefilteredData  when Non-Color Data?

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Also, found that this code probably is not in use for the skybox part, anyway.  The lines in FileLoader are:

if (parsedData.createDefaultSkybox === true) {
    var skyboxScale = (scene.activeCamera !== undefined && scene.activeCamera !== null) ? (scene.activeCamera.maxZ - scene.activeCamera.minZ) / 2 : 1000;
    var skyboxBlurLevel = parsedData.skyboxBlurLevel || 0;
    scene.createDefaultSkybox(undefined, true, skyboxScale, skyboxBlurLevel);

The environmentTexture arg for createDefaultSkybox is being check that is valid, which undefined is not:

Scene.prototype.createDefaultSkybox = function(environmentTexture?: BaseTexture, pbr = false, scale = 1000, blur = 0, setGlobalEnvTexture = true): Nullable<Mesh> {

    if (!environmentTexture) {
        Tools.Warn("Can not create default skybox without environment texture.");
        return null;

Seems that scene.environmentTexture from a few lines above could be passed.  hard coding pbr being true is unfortunate.  Wish there was a parsed value for that.

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