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Obj file loader:create one mesh with multi-material got wrong


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Hi everyone,

In the obj file, when an object has multi-material, the obj file loader will create several meshes.


I want to only create one mesh with multi-material, but got the wrong result:


I attached the obj file and the new obj file loader I modified(objFileLoader_new.js ), can anybody help to have a look why it is wrong. It troubled me a whole day now.


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What I want is not a really a single mesh, but a mesh with BABYLON.MultiMaterial, it will have multiple submesh.

my code is like:

                if (handledMesh.materials.length > 1) {
                    babylonMesh.subMeshes = [];
                    var multimat = new BABYLON.MultiMaterial("multi", scene);
                    babylonMesh.material = multimat;
                    for (var i = 0; i < handledMesh.materials.length; i++) {
                        var submat = materialsFromMTLFile.materials[handledMesh.materials];
                        var submesh = new BABYLON.SubMesh(i, 0, handledMesh.positions.length/3, handledMesh.spans[0], handledMesh.spans[1], babylonMesh);
                else {
                    babylonMesh.material = materialsFromMTLFile.materials[handledMesh.materials[0]];

You can have a look of my entire code in the attachment in the top post

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@fdeng I took a quick read-through and one thing that seems to be missing is adding the submesh to the your handledMesh array:

Something like this:



This playground may be a good reference in getting MultiMaterials to work with multiple submeshes if you haven't seen this one yet.



Let me know if that helps.

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Hi @kcoley

It seems not the reason, when create a submesh like below, 

var submesh = new BABYLON.SubMesh(..., mesh);   

Actually the created submesh will be pushed to subMeshes array of the parent mesh automatically.

You can verify it in  this new PG:


I removed these push actions:
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