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[solved] How to import spine data from version 2.1.18 essential with pixi-spine?


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Hi Everybody,

I'd like to use Spine in a Pixi project (either the latest v4 or directly starting with v5). I use webpack and npm and saw that Pixi his split pixi-spine into a different npm package.
According to the readme of pixi-spine the runtime supports spine data from Spine version 3.5 up.

But I only have a pretty old version of Spine 2.1.18 essential and don't want to buy a newer version at the moment because of financial reasons.

I only use the basis spine stuff, so no deformations or other new (mesh-like) features.

Could anybody please tell me why Pixi-spine only supports Spine 3.5 and up? Is it only because of the pro-features, or does it not work with spine 2.1.18 essential data either?

Anybody knows what changed? Is it just some keynames in the spine json file, or only added (professional) stuff while the basic remained the same? Or is there more to it?

And is there perhaps a version of pixi-spine out there that is able to import spine data from 2.1.18 essential while still using the latest v4 Pixijs (or v5)?

Thanks a lot!

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If you really own that old version, you can upgrade to 3.5 without paying anything. Otherwise you are not permitted to use pixi-spine by its license.

The output format of spine editor changed many times: different IK constraints, transforms, animations. I can't support all of that, I can only mirror official runtime https://github.com/EsotericSoftware/spine-runtimes/tree/3.6/spine-ts and add some extra features for pixi.js .

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Thanks for your quick response @ivan.popelyshev . Yes I own that version of Spine. Bought it in 2014, but didn't really use it that much unfortunately, although I'd like to, because I did a lot of different graphics related stuff last years, like 3D, svg, plain pixi etc. And at the moment I'd like to spend more time to use it. I have been looking everywhere in my email, on the Esotheric website and in Spine, but can't find anything on upgrading Spine to 3.5.x without payment, like you wrote. How can I do that?

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3 minutes ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

just install latest spine and get your license there. Licenses dont have periods.

@ivan.popelyshev I just found out it was only the old launcher holding back the upgrade. I just found the original download page and looked and re-downloaded the launcher which than downloaded the latest Spine now! Great! I always thought the upgrades stopped after a year because it never updated anymore, but guess it was just the launcher became old. This makes my day and now I can use pixi-spine again too! Thanks a lot for your help! ?

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