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How use alignTo for tilemap?


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Hey guys!

I want align tilemap to bottom screen. But it not work:

// in create method
map = this.make.tilemap({ key: "map" });
map.alignTo(this.cameras.main, Phaser.BOTTOM_CENTER, 0, 0);

console said: Uncaught TypeError: map.alignTo is not a function



How I can do it?

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The map is not the graphical object. The layer is. (the result of createDynamicLayer or createStaticLayer) I'm not a hundred per cent sure the static or dynamic layer does have a alignTo method.
If not you could try: https://photonstorm.github.io/phaser3-docs/Phaser.Display.Align.To.html Where you would call it as a static method: Phaser.Display.Align.To.BottomRight(tileLayer, this.cameras.main, etc

I hope this helps. I haven't tried it out myself - but I do know that the tilemap is not a graphical object.

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Elleniaw, Thanks for the examples. I realized that I initially chose the alignment policy incorrectly. Now I align the elements relative to the center of the camera, it turned out to be easier :)

As I understood that the most difficult thing in game development is correct alignment and scaling of elements so that they look normal on all devices.

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