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Hello Panda coming from enchant :)


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Hello, it seems very nice but i am an old timer who quickly get use to his old ways and i requiere a lot of guiadance when switching softwares and languagues :)


Like could you provide a sample code on a .zip with necesary files just for the hello world, and displaying a sprite, usually from something like that i can keep walking alone, i have copy the sample code into a game.js and try to add it to a index.html wich calls it as script plus the engine script and i only get the panda logo, no hello world or nothing


I guess is because this build thing, i am comletelly unfamiliar with it, so every time i want to run what i am programming  i need to build?

i am use to just program save and use the index.html.


hopefully you can put a video on youtube just of that, how to get it going and install those things wich i did, but i dont know how to use it,


tyvm best wishes from mexico great work and i am anxious to start!!



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the build system is optional and recommended only at the end of the dev phase, just before going production.


The "hello world" example is basically what you get from the config that comes with the zip. Try to download it and run from your webserver.


I agree the framework needs better documentation though

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