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Fitting Objects Question


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How would you approach a customized avatar problem where a user is able to customize their avatar by swapping out meshes, but when they do this, it can cause other meshes to poke through? For example, if a character has long hair and a hood mesh is put on the avatar, is there a way to fit the hair inside of the avatar without having it poked through? If not, are there other approaches that I could take? Right now, we created a "bump" in the hood to give the hair space, but that doesn't look like a pretty solution, so I am interested in hearing other potential solutions. :)

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51 minutes ago, JohnK said:

Possibly don't think hair + hood think headware

 So headware can be hair or can be a hood. 

Put on a hood relace headware hair with headware hood?

The issue here is I don't have control over that. The users has the ability to choose any hair and hood combination in this case, so I am trying to figure out if there is a solution where it would work with any hood and hair combination.

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Well, normally I adding rigidbody component to the hairs, that makes them ragdollable. After that, each hat have a collider component, so, when they contact, collider of a hat pushing the ragdoll of hairs some in, and physic engine holds them under hat.
But, the problem is I do not know, can babylon do this or not, and how ragdolls and rigidbody works here.

The big minus of this approach is performance, but you can make pseudo ragdolling or something like that, if babylon provide this.
Well, the second solution, you can create mask layer over hat, which will over-ride anything under it in some pixels to nothing, but, again, I do not know about babylon solution here

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