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DragonBones atlas support for Phaser? "PNG data merged" files


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Hello. I'm wondering if Phaser has support for animation atlases exported from DragonBones utility in Flash. It's a great animation tool that has multiple export options but I don't know if any are compatible with Phaser.


It exports as SWF (XML Merged), PNG (XML Merged), Zip(XML and SWF), Zip(XML and PNG), Zip(XML and PNGs)


I have tried 

game.load.atlas('atlas', 'assets/atlas_merged.png', null, 'assets/atlas_merged.png', Phaser.Loader.TEXTURE_ATLAS_XML_STARLING);

and other such combinations with no success.


Normally it should be like this:

game.load.atlasXML('atlas', 'assets/atlas.png', 'assets/atlas.xml');

however DragonBones also exports a "skeleton.xml" file in addition to the atlas.xml file. I think it holds some of the animation/position data.


Any ideas how this can work? Thanks!!

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