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Transparency again


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I don't want to be a pain, but there is no way to fix problem with transparency "by default"?
As example gltf viewer with 3js
And our sandbox :( 
This was exported from 3dsMax, with Verge3D plugin.
It is hard to convince people to choose babylonjs if from begining their model doesn't look too good.

For me this problem was almost solved. See here. But still one problem, if zoom-in and rotate looks like the glass disapear
I tried all combinations from here, but I'm missing something.


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Oooooh, many thanks, finally is working as expected. I think I tried everything, only this trick with alphaIndex no. Many thanks again ?
Almost, at least standard meshes looks great, my problem is with transparent meshes:)) 
I mean, yes, once these rendering settings for transparent meshes are done, I think too it looks better ? 

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