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Loading a local scene in 3.3+ without XMLHttpRequest


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As of this PR, it's no longer possible to load a scene from a local file:

const sceneFile = new File('foo.babylon')
const scene = await SceneLoader.LoadAsync('file:', sceneFile, engine)

The only workaround I have found, which doesn't involve the inefficient conversion into a "data:" string, is this:

import XMLHttpRequest from 'xmlhttprequest'
global.XMLHttpRequest = XMLHttpRequest.XMLHttpRequest
// ...
const scene = await SceneLoader.LoadAsync('', 'file:foo.babylon', engine)

It works, but I dislike having an extra dependency - "xmlhttprequest" - for no good reason.

I've combed through the code, and looks like there's no alternative path. There's a handy utility called "LoadFile", but the only way to reach it without copy-pasting a ton of code is really convoluted, involving the "FilesInput.FilesToLoad" global.

What's the rationale behind that PR? And would you mind adding the in-memory file support back?

Edit: On the other hand, it appears I don't need to shim "FileReader" anymore with this new approach. Hmm. Either way, documenting the correct way to go about this would be greatly appreciated. Having a shimless way to load a local scene would be even better :D E.g. by just passing a Buffer. But I can live without that.

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