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Draco geometry compression for incremental loading


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Hi all,
in my project I'm using incremental loading in order to split large scene files in small pieces.
In the incremental files creation I'm trying to use Draco encoding to reduce the file size and speed up the loading process (certainly then should be implemented decoding when reading the file).
I'm using the following code but the resulting encoded data is larger than the original data.

I ask you first of all if the reasoning I'm doing makes sense and then if someone can explain to me where I'm wrong.
Thanks a lot,

createDelayLoadingFileData: function (meshOrGeometry, isMesh) {
        var result = {
            positions: meshOrGeometry.positions,
            indices: meshOrGeometry.indices,
            normals: meshOrGeometry.normals,

        if (meshOrGeometry.uvs) {
            result.uvs = meshOrGeometry.uvs;

        if (meshOrGeometry.uvs2) {
            result.uvs2 = meshOrGeometry.uvs2;

        if (meshOrGeometry.colors) {
            result.colors = meshOrGeometry.colors;

        if (meshOrGeometry.matricesIndices) {
            result.matricesIndices = meshOrGeometry.matricesIndices;

        if (meshOrGeometry.matricesWeights) {
            result.matricesWeights = meshOrGeometry.matricesWeights;

        if (isMesh && meshOrGeometry.subMeshes) {
            result.subMeshes = meshOrGeometry.subMeshes;

        // ---------------------------------------------------------------------
        // Test draco encoding
        // ---------------------------------------------------------------------

        const mesh = {
            indices: new Uint32Array(result.indices),
            positions: new Float32Array(result.positions),
            normals: new Float32Array(result.normals),
            uvs: new Float32Array(result.uvs)

        const encoderModule = DracoEncoderModule();
        const encoder = new encoderModule.Encoder();
        const meshBuilder = new encoderModule.MeshBuilder();
        const dracoMesh = new encoderModule.Mesh();

        const numFaces = mesh.indices.length / 3;
        const numPoints = mesh.positions.length;
        meshBuilder.AddFacesToMesh(dracoMesh, numFaces, mesh.indices);

        meshBuilder.AddFloatAttributeToMesh(dracoMesh, encoderModule.POSITION,
            numPoints, 3, mesh.positions);
        if (result.hasOwnProperty('normals')) {
                dracoMesh, encoderModule.NORMAL, numPoints, 3, mesh.normals);
        if (result.hasOwnProperty('colors')) {
                dracoMesh, encoderModule.COLOR, numPoints, 3, mesh.colors);
        if (result.hasOwnProperty('uvs')) {
                dracoMesh, encoderModule.TEX_COORD, numPoints, 3, mesh.uvs);

        var method = "edgebreaker"; // test method
        if (method === "edgebreaker") {
        } else if (method === "sequential") {

        const encodedData = new encoderModule.DracoInt8Array();
        // Use default encoding setting.
        const encodedLen = encoder.EncodeMeshToDracoBuffer(dracoMesh,
        // Copy encoded data to buffer.
        const outputArray = [];
        for (let i = 0; i < encodedLen; ++i) {


        result.dracoData = outputArray;
        result.dracoDataLen = outputArray.length;

        // ---------------------------------------------------------------------

        return result;


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