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Promoting isPBR in FileLoader.ts

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Well, the PR for adding isPBR as a parsed value for setting up a skybox is complete.  But, I am currently working on the Javascript exporter, so I needed to looked up the constructor for a HDRCubeTexture, and I just saw the gammaSpace arg.  This is to be false for PBR & true for STD.  Think I need another PR to promote when the parse parameter is defined, so it can be used in both.  Something like:

if (parsedData.environmentTexture !== undefined && parsedData.environmentTexture !== null) {
    // PBR needed for both HDR texture (gamma space) & a sky box
    var isPBR = parsedData.isPBR !== undefined ? parsedData.isPBR : true;
    if (parsedData.environmentTextureType && parsedData.environmentTextureType === "BABYLON.HDRCubeTexture") {
        var hdrSize: number = (parsedData.environmentTextureSize) ? parsedData.environmentTextureSize : 128;
        var hdrTexture = new HDRCubeTexture(rootUrl + parsedData.environmentTexture, scene, hdrSize, true, !isPBR);
        if (parsedData.environmentTextureRotationY) {
            hdrTexture.rotationY = parsedData.environmentTextureRotationY;
        scene.environmentTexture = hdrTexture;
    } else {
        var cubeTexture = CubeTexture.CreateFromPrefilteredData(rootUrl + parsedData.environmentTexture, scene);
        if (parsedData.environmentTextureRotationY) {
            cubeTexture.rotationY = parsedData.environmentTextureRotationY;
        scene.environmentTexture = cubeTexture;
    if (parsedData.createDefaultSkybox === true) {
        var skyboxScale = (scene.activeCamera !== undefined && scene.activeCamera !== null) ? (scene.activeCamera.maxZ - scene.activeCamera.minZ) / 2 : 1000;
        var skyboxBlurLevel = parsedData.skyboxBlurLevel || 0;
        scene.createDefaultSkybox(scene.environmentTexture, isPBR, skyboxScale, skyboxBlurLevel);

I see that the cubeTexture route has gamma space, but depends on the file extension.  For my exporters, just always going to force HDRCubeTexture route.

Is this look right? Should I modify what's new again, or is the last entry still going to cover this?

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