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A Couple of Anaglyph Camera Issues


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I came across a couple of strange behaviors with different properties of anaglyph cameras.

The first one involves AnaglyphUniversalCamera: its rotationQuaternion can't be animated. To illustrate, check out the PG demo below. The default code uses the regular Universal camera, but you can switch to the anaglyph version via lines 7 and 8. In either case, animations of position and rotation are applied to the active camera. Note that the regular camera animates its position and orientation (as intended), but the anaglyph version only translates.


The second issue involves how the interaxialDistance (iD) setting affects the rendering of the scene. The behavior of this property is different between AnaglyphUniversalCamera (AUC) and AnaglyphArcRotateCamera (AARC). Here's how I'd describe it:

Positive iD with AARC: It's hard for my eyes to interpret the scene...I think closer objects are rendered *behind* farther objects (in a depth perception sense).

Negative iD with AARC: Everything looks fine. Close objects project forward into the space between my eyes and the screen, while distant objects appear behind the scene.

Positive iD with AUC: It looks okay, except objects only appear behind the screen and never in front of it no matter how close they are to the camera.

Negative iD with AUC : It looks like the entire scene is compressed into the space in front of the screen...again it's hard to interpret visually.

My preferred rendering is a negative iD with AARC since objects appear correctly both in front of and behind the screen. Regardless, the iD behavior between the cameras is inconsistent. You can try playing with the sign of iD and switch between the two types of anaglyph cameras in the following PG:



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1. This was a bug (the AnaglyphCamera was not updating its up vector): It will be fixed by next nightly. Thanks a lot for reporting it!


Here is some screenshots first with AARC:


(positive on the left / negative on the right)

This is the expected result (the interpupilar is used to define where the red glass is as well, so if it is on the right you have to use a negative value).

Now AUC is completely broken :D. I'll work on fixing it :D


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