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How to hide GUI.Multiline when all the connected meshes are behind the camera


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 I don't have much time to sort out all the solution, but here is a possible path of action.

1) use:

let nearPlane = BABYLON.Frustum.GetNearPlaneToRef(camera.getTransformMatrix());
That gives you the equation of the plane that decides if a mesh is still visible when the camera is getting too close.
The property nearPlane.normal gives you the a, b, c while nearPlane.d gives you the d of the following plane equation:
ax + by + cz + d = 0
2) Substitute the x, y, z with the coordinates of one of your meshes.
3) The sign of the result will tells you if the mesh is behind or in front of the plane (I mean: on one side or the other of the plane; you will have to find out which one is front/behind).
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