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ArcFollowCamera Not Rotating


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I'm having difficulty with the ArcFollowCamera. It looks like I can use it, and it follows my mesh correctly, but it doesn't seem to rotate like the ArcRotateCamera does. Is there any reason this might be happening? I've already tried the attachControl method, and after inspecting the camera in Chrome, the inputs property seems to be missing entirely.

Here's a playground with my code: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#MVQ4L3

I've already checked the following links for solutions:





Any help is appreciated. I'm starting to wonder if this camera is even supposed to rotate at all...

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Turns out I misunderstood what ArcFollowCamera actually does. I thought it was a regular ArcRotateCamera that allows you to rotate around an object, but also follows an object like the FollowCamera. Similar to what you see in MMOs.

To achieve this effect I'll have to use an ArcRotateCamera and add the follow functionality myself.

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