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Cannot read property 'y' of undefined


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I'm really new to Phaser, I'm trying to get the y value of an element from a sprite in an array. But I'm getting the error cannot read property 'y' of undefined. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help.

this.platforms.children.entries.forEach(elem => { //this.platform is a staticgroup with 10 sprites
      console.log(elem); //returns arcadesprite
      this.platformYMin = Math.min(this.platformYMin, elem.y);
      if (elem.y > this.camera.y + this.game.height) {
          Phaser.Math.Between(50, 450),
          this.platformYMin - 100,
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You might need to post more complete code; not sure what .entries is referencing.  Is this.platforms a Phaser GameObject Group?  If so, you should probably use the getChildren method: this.platforms.getChildren().forEach().

What does elem log out?



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