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Is it possible to tile a PIXI.MovieClip


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Is it possible to tile a frame texture in a movie clip object.

So in otherwords can I make a animated MovieClip act like a Tiling sprite and change the width and height but have the textures just repeat infinitely instead of stretching?


OR can I use a tiling sprite like a MovieClip and have the texture be updated to do animations?


Or do i have to create a bunch of MovieClip Objects next to eachother?

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OK so i created all the frame textures just like i did for the MovieClip.

Then instead of doing this:


var sprite = new PIXI.MovieClip(textureArray);


which works and animates.


I did this instead:

var i = 0;

var sprite = new PIXI.TilingSprite(textureArray[0],640,640);


Now i have a Tiling sprite that draws a 640x640 square of tiled textures (which works fine)


then every 100ms I do this:

setInterval(function() {

    i += 0.5;

    if ( i > textureArray.length) i = 0;

    sprite.setTexture( textureArray[ Math.floor(i) ]);



Now i am not out of bounds on the texture array and all the textures appear to be valid ( console.log(textureArray[ Math.floor(i) ]) Gives me the textures one at a time) BUT the texture does not update for drawing, It is stuck at frame 1 and draws the same as if I were not even calling the 'setTexture' method. I checked and method is getting called tho.


I also tried this:

var i = 0;

var texture = new PIXI.Texture.fromImage('img/u/o/tester.png');

var sprite = new PIXI.TilingSprite( texture,640,640);

setInterval(function() {

    i += 0.5;

    if (i > 31) i = 0;

    texture.setFrame(new PIXI.Rectangle(Math.floor(i)*32,0,32,32));



and that didnt work either, it results in the same thing, just a TilingSprite that is 640x640 with no animation.


If i do any of the above with a PIXI.Sprite as opposed to a PIXI.TilingSprite it animates just like the MovieClip.

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