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Blender Export: Empty object aren't exported as TransformNode?


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I am exporting my tileset from Blender, where each tile is contained in a parent Empty object (the root of the tile).

When I export my blender file to babylon format and I check it out in the babylonjs sandbox, the inspector tells me that the parents of my tiles are Meshes.

I was expecting them to be TransformNode, as they are Empty objects in Blender.

Is there an option / tick box in the exporter that I missed to make Empties translated into TransformNodes?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Meshes are a subclass from AbstractMesh which is a subclass of TransformNode, but no TransformNode is not directly instanced.  Meshes without geometry do not cause any draw calls, so performance & memory are almost the same.

TransformNodes are a recent refactoring of the code base, done so in a backwardly compatible way.  I see no benefit for me to change anything, but can change the exporter who does.

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Yes I understand what is a TransformNode, and I use them very much to group my objects into groups.

I am not sure I understand what you are saying afterwards. Are you happy to change the exporter so that we have the Empty objects of Blender exported as TransformNode in BabylonJS? That would be very nice.

This turned our to be important to me because I experienced some issue when the parents of my tiles are meshes instead of transform nodes: 


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