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GUI - Is there an event called when the user presses Enter?


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onBeforeKeyAddObservable doesn't pick up Enter presses, and onBlurAddObservable doesn't differentiate between the user pressing Enter and clicking outside of the TextInput. 

What I'm trying to do is have a chat box, so that the user can send the message simply by pressing Enter; but I can't find a way to determine when the user actually presses Enter.


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Answering my own question...

The solution I came up with was remove the event listeners from the InputText, and add a 'keydown' event listener to the canvas. Then in the canvas' keydown event, if the user presses enter, I process the chat input's current text and then clear it. Otherwise, I call the InputText.processKeyboard(e) method, with e being the KeyboardEvent passed via the onkeydown event, and let the InputText control process it from there.


private _chatInput : GUI.InputText;


document.getElementById('canvas').addEventListener('keydown', this._handleKeyDown.bind(this));


private _handleKeyDown(e : KeyboardEvent) : void {
    if (this._chatInput) {
        if (e.key === 'Enter') {
            this._chatInput.text = '';
        } else {


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