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FPS drops in Firefox with Cycle Collection


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When I run my game in Firefox, after a few minutes of gaming or even just rotating the camera, the FPS in the game starts periodically drops. Of the stable 60 FPS drops by about a couple of seconds to 20-30 or even just stops. And it starts to happen more and more often. To fix this i need to reboot the browser, nothing else helps. I researched in the performance devtools in the browser and found that this is due by "Cycle Collection" process.

( Note: when I start recording performance, all FPS drops disappear, as if I restarted the browser. And I have to wait again for a while before they start. )

Has anyone else experienced this issue? What could it be? Another Firefox's WebGL bug? In Chrome and Edge i have no problems.


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Looks like you are instanciating items during the render loop adding pressure to the GC.

Basically all the code in your render loop should not contain new keyword (of course a new happening every 10 seconds during a special event might be ok as long as it is not instanciating a big chunck of data)


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Thanks for your replies! It's strange, but I can't reproduce this situation anymore...  Without any significant changes in the code.

I will describe in more detail what is happening in my code if it appears again.

About my render loop: i use it for the vector calculations for moving my characters. Like this:

move(deltaTime) {

        let ratio = deltaTime * this.FPS / 1000;
        let alignedEps = this.epsVector.scale(ratio * SPEED);
        let nextPosition = this._mesh.position.add(alignedEps);
        let nextNormale = this.targetPos.subtract(nextPosition).normalize();
        if (Math.sign(nextNormale.x) != Math.sign(this.normale.x) &&
            Math.sign(nextNormale.y) != Math.sign(this.normale.y) &&
            Math.sign(nextNormale.z) != Math.sign(this.normale.z)
        ) {

            // Stop walking;
            if (this._walkPath.length == 0) {

                this._needMove = false;
                this.targetPos = this._mesh.position;
                this.blendAnim(this.walkAnim, this.idleAnim, BLEND_TIME.WalkToIdle);

            } else {



        } else {

            this._mesh.position = nextPosition;



It's okay? Or may cause this problem?

UPD: Now looking at it, I have guesses that a whole bunch of temporary vectors are being allocated here ...

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