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WebGL or Canvas Renderer as default


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Which renderer should I set as default in my game. I noticed that with WebGL renderer, when I tried with my laptop it was performing super slow. That was because chrome by default used the integrated GPU rather than the better one. That made me wonder if that happens on production environment, many players might never come back to give second try if the performance is so bad on the first try. I tried with Canvas Renderer and it works fine (+144 FPS) with "average" amount of sprites (relative to my game).

Should I use forceCanvas: true by default and give users choice in settings if they want to use WebGL renderer instead if available?

In what situations Canvas Renderer is better choice, does it perform better in old computers than WebGL renderer?

Is it common that chrome doesn't pick the better GPU by default?

My CPU: i5-4460 @ 3.20ghz


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Integrated GPU => turn off antialiasing and make sure you don't re-render parts of screen several times. If you cant do that, use CanvasRenderer by default.

Is it common that chrome doesn't pick the better GPU by default?

There's "powerPreference" setting, I dont know if its already supported in browsers, but you can pass it in pixi renderer options and see if it helps.

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