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Is it possible animate objects with Phaser3 (using createFromObjects)?


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It's been very difficult to convert my Phaser2 games to Phaser3.

For instance, I could animate objects just as simple  as:

this.coins = game.add.group();
this.coins.enableBody = true;
this.mapa.createFromObjects('moedas', 'moeda', 'coins', 0, true, false, this.coins);
this.coins.callAll('animations.add', 'animations', 'spin', [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5], 10, true);
this.coins.callAll('animations.play', 'animations', 'spin');

So, this way was easy to create hundreds of objects with TiledMap, including their animations. But with Phaser3, this code doesn't work anymore. All I get is a message:  this.coins.callAll is not a function

Is it possible to convert the code above to Phaser 3, without changing to Tiles instead of Objects?

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