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Universal camera on mouse up


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I usually use a document on mouse up listener when implementing drag and drop, in case the user releases the mouse outside of the canvas.

I find that the universal camera misses on mouseup even within the canvas.

How do implement a document on mouse up listener  with the universal camera, what do I call from the listener?

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Hi guys.  I made (adjusted) a little playground:  https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KWJPDC#3

Watch console while clicking sphere.

I don't see any problems.  Universal cam... I got good actionManager events, I got good DOM events, it all seems okay.  (but I'm not always sure what "okay" means - forever noob that I am).  :)

Notice that the DOM pointerUp event.defaultPrevented = true.  I don't know if THAT would cause any problems for anyone, but I thought I would "point" it out.  ;) 

I hope this helps.   PS:  Scenes without lights (like above playground), which instead use emissive on all scene materials, are a bit unusual, but still good fun.

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Here is a the button fix which is a little backwards..

1. By default isPointerBlocker is set to true which  lets the camera keep rotating with the mouse on a mouse up event over a button. That leaves the camera in a strange state where it can start to zoom in.

2. isPointerBlocker set to true doesn't stop mouse events from reaching clickable meshes, so I had already distinguished between button mousedown and mouse up events with code to prevent my clickable meshes reacting to clicks on the button above. I did this by setting a boolean "button_pressed" to true onPointerDownObservable and "button_pressed" to false onPointerUpObservable so that my general onpointerdown function could reject picking meshes if button_pressed is true.

So I can then set isPointerBlockerto false because I'm not using it and get the camera to listen to onmouseup over the GUI buttons.


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The iframe is more difficult.

1. This function does not fire when the camera is being moved with the mouse down out of the iframe:

window.onmouseout = function () {


2. I don't know what function to call to simulate a mouseup event to the camera, when the mouse leaves the iframe

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Hi again.  Hey, good info-gathering/reporting, thx!

You should probably try canvas.onMouseOut or whatever.

There has been other forum threads about mouse remaining in "drag mode" after it exits the canvas area.  But I can't remember the fix.

Be sure to search the forum for 'iframe' and maybe even 'pointerLock' (because a mouse that gets stuck in drag-mode... after it accidentally is dragged off-canvas... is SIMILAR TO pointerLock).  It's NOT a pointerLock-based problem, though.

iFrames are strange.  They are "isolated"... in a rather tight security sandbox.   There are 17 returns when doing playground search for 'iframe'.  Might be something to learn, there.

Perhaps... don't use iframes?  *shrug*  Anyway, take a look, at our docs... https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/gui

See the little "eyeballs"?  Click on those, and a BJS scene "pops-open", and they don't suffer-from "accidentally drag-camera-pointer off-canvas" problems.  BUT, they DO allow camera dragging even when the pointer exits the canvas area.  SO, maybe not the correct solve, yet.

Issue review:  DOM-event for canvas onPointerOut/onMouseOut... NOT seen triggering (so far - needs further tests?)... if pointer leaves canvas while dragging.  buttonUP while pointer is off-canvas... not seen by DOM, either.  Ok, stay tuned for better comments from wiser people than I.  :)

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