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Graphics & Text : Smooth display ?


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I'm new in the PIXI.js community and come back to you with some questions about smooth display with Graphics & Text.

In my picture, I draw three circle : two with border and one filled. For my text, I use a custom font and as you can see my font is blurry.


I use autoDetectRenderer and set to true antialiasing & transparence.

I look something about retina display or scale, but the result is the same in my Retina MBP and my No-Retina iMac.

Does exist a solution for this blurry result ?



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Typically you would draw your content at twice the size, and then scale it down.


See here:



In PIXI, this means loading larger than normal text and images, and rendering them a scale (0.5, 0.5) for a typical retina display. To avoid scaling each sprite, you can just add your scene to a parent DisplayObjectContainer that is scaled according to the retina ratio.

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