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For a few day im trying out babylon editor and cant make sens of few things.

First, i cant get shadows to work, i have checked cast shadows and receive shadows where i can but thats not working. I can see shadows in default scene but when i uncheck and check back "generate shadow", in spot light settings, shadows are gone anyway.

Another thing is that when i change skybox texture in reflection slot and then i change it back to environment.dds, maping is wrong and blending on skybox edges is off.

Can anyone explain?


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Hey @swavec

I'm happy that you use the editor! Here my answers:

1. You mean that you checked back "generate shadows" and re-added the cast objects after ? Or not ? When you generate shadows, you have to provide the cast objects. When you unckeck "generate shadows", the shadow generator is destroyed so you have to re-configure it

2. Found the bug. Fixing right now thanks for the feedback!

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Pinging @Sebavan, reproduced a bug when setting two times a reflection texture in PBR (maybe not related to PBR material itself): https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8MGKWK#105

At the end of the PG, I set the hdr texture without the skybox coordinates mode (so it's ugly). But just after I reset the hdr texture with the skybox coodinates mode and it looks not applied :(

Any idea?

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