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Unable to export animated character from Blender.


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The scene have no camera, just the character, nothing but the character.
Some parts of the character is skinned/rigged, other more rigid parts that doesn't deform [because it's not flesh] are parented directly to the bone.

This is the error reported by BabylonJS's Blender exporter:
File "json_exporter.py", line 107, in execute
    mesh = Mesh(object, scene, self)
File "mesh.py", line 165, in __init__
    bakedMat = BakedMaterial(exporter, object, recipe)
File "material.py", line 499, in __init__
    self.bake('bumpTexture', 'NORMAL', 'NORMALS', image, mesh, uvName, exporter, recipe)
File "material.py", line 519, in bake
    self.bakeCycles(cycles_type, image, uvName, recipe.nodeTrees, extension)
File "material.py", line 570, in bakeCycles
ERROR:  Nodes.remove(): error with argument 1, "node" -  Function.node does not support a 'None' assignment Node type

The version used is Blender 2.79b.

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This is the baking of all Cycles materials.  This code is on the way out for the Blender 2.80 exporter, so not even going to touch the 5.6.4 exporter anymore.  To validate for any other problems, switch to the internal render & add a material to replace your materials.  Hopefully, you should get something thru to check other aspects.  Also, post your full export .log file in future.

There will be an exporter soon, which handles Cycles materials completely different soon, but it is very much a work in process.

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@BritneyWatch, A test version of the next Blender exporter 6.0.0 is now available.  It handles cycles completely differently.  Your .blend may still error, but it would only be fixed when running there.  You probably would not want the result here anyway, since it was baking.  That will happen much less with the new version.  See this topic in the new forum

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