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Iphone 5 - 6 plus textureAtlas “bug”?


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Original post: https://phaser.discourse.group/t/iphone-5-plus-6-plus-textureatlas-bug/261

Hi, i’ve developed puzzle game but QA told me that on Iphone 5/6 plus weird bug(see image below). I have 3 modes on my game(24,49,98 pieces, and when it’s 24 pieces there is no bug, but when i try to draw 49 and 98 pieces there is this bug) Also i use multitexture batching to optimise the game. I have no device to test it and i would really happy if you can help me with that.

UPD: I manually crop the image that i load from server(I have prerendered images of pieces form and use bitmapdata to draw they on dynamically generated textureAtlas) As i can see on this bug there is only 2 pieces form get rendered correctry (instead of 16). On other devices it’s work good. If you don’t know what’s the problem but you have iphone 5/6 plus and you want to help please send me pm. Thank you



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