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Is my website good enough to make some pocket change?


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I've started developing a small website located at https://llamatrauma.000webhostapp.com/ that pulls together a bunch of projects I've made on Khan Academy over the years that I've used it. Before I go any further, I was hoping to get input from more experienced devs about whether or not a website like mine would be self-sufficient, assuming the cost of upkeep would be around $4 a month. I would most likely use Google AdSense to create revenue, assuming I got any traffic. Thanks for any input!

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Yeah, no traffic no money. and when you try to make money with Ads you'll need a whole lotta traffic.

And even though there was a lot of effort that went into making your games they just can't compete in today's market, polish wise.

You will probably make way more money than with Adsense with either:

- Publishing to Facebook Instant Games

- Publishing on sites like gamedistribution.com

- Selling licenses on codecanyon.

But you gotta prettify and polish your games first.

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