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Pixi Texture Atlas Animation Library suggestion


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I come from the Phaser world but have recently been working on a new application using PixiJS v4.5+

I don't like the pixiJS sprite sheet example and really would like to find a solution to handleing sprite animations much like phaser2 had.

I have taken a look at smoothie.

I use tweenMax for tweens.

What animation libraries do you use for sprites?

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Have you tried Spine (or DragonBones)?  Both work well with Pixi and are often more versatile and expressive than the spritesheet-only approach (but at the cost of some extra runtime performance requirements).

Otherwise we've been using the Pixi extras "AnimatedSprite" as a starting point for plain spritesheet animation (combined with Shoebox to generate the Atlas, TexturePacker also works well).

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