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Please, write your advices how to learn English


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Please, write your advices how to Learn English. Maybe you know good resources, books and so on.

I studied German at school and university. This is my advices. What I use for studying English. I study English 10 years since 2008 (with big interruptions) by myself for free without teachers, schools, and without traveling to English countries. If you have a good internet connection you can study English at home. I advise you to use monolingual dictionaries, for example, Oxford series of dictionaries. I use them a few month. Try to use your native language at minimum. Try to think in English every minute. Use only English Books for studying programming, English and so on. For example, "English Grammar in Use" by Murphy Raymond. Do not watch videos in your native language. Use a lot of sources for studing in English only. Do not chat with people who know your native language. Do not speak with them in Skype. Find friends that do not know your native language. Write on forums and anywhere in English only. Use English everywhere where it possible. Chat and speak in Skype only to people who do not know your native language. Find remote work without people who know your native language. If you have money, study English only with teachers who do not know your native language. Do not afraid mistakes. Practice every minute. And you will see a progress soon. 

This information for the Slavs who know Russian, and another peaple who know Russian. I use this excelent book for grammar from Comrade Stalin period of Soviet Union (Soviet Union books are great!). It is 8th Edition, 1957: Практическая грамматика английского языка, Ерухим Израилевич, Ксения Качалова 

Motivational video in English: How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity

Write in English a lot with a pen every day. It is very effective:


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I like to write, but only on my language: portuguese (pt BR). But, I can write not so well in English, that kind of tip I like very much and I will follow it to learn better how to write in English.

NIOTE: even if I can write some phrases I can't express mysefl so well. I made a course, but not learn so well because I was very lazy. What gave to learn I learn it, but I feel that it can be more effective.

Thanks for the tips.

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