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Keyboard Input not Working in Chrome


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I'm using melon 6.3.0 and I'm self hosting my game.
If I run the game via Firefox, it works just fine. (I've also tested MS Edge and the latest version of Opera, they also work)

However, when using chrome, the keyboard input acts as though it is 'stuck'.  If I push one of the keys I have bound for movement to the left (A or the left arrow),
the game behaves as though the key is still pressed even after it has been released.  This makes it impossible to move to the right, as the game no longer seems
to respond to pressing D or the Right arrow key.  However, I can still  press the spacebar and the player shoots.

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Hi, using Chrome 71 (on macOS) and this online example also using version 6.3 (http://melonjs.github.io/melonJS/examples/platformer/) I'm not able to reproduce your issue. Are you doing anything special than just a html page or any plugin ? note that a similar issue has been reported with the Evernote plugin "stealing" user inputs, see here : https://github.com/melonjs/melonJS/issues/963

if not, would you be able to build a minimal version/build of your game and share it ?

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