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Why some portals pay for game and some just steal it?


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Why some gaming portals pay money for gaming and buy licenses, and some simply spread it out without asking.

Does this mean that weeping portals are just honest and respectable?
Is there some kind of responsibility of the developers to the portals that bought the non-unique license? 

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Fair question.  I'd guess stealing appeals to chancers who don't follow commercial concepts like value creation or market positioning?  It might appear to cost less initially, but rarely will it be as worthwhile as a legitimate source ...

Whereas Licensees are in business and will have identified their supply and demand channels.  They may request customizations from Licensors that can generate value specific to their business model.  For web-games a simple example could be in-game ads, or a more-games link - and more complex examples would be proprietary (requiring partners with high professionalism and integrity).  Responsibilities are defined within the License (negotiated by either party prior to agreement) so mutual benefit is usually the goal.

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