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PIXI loading audio files in iOs Safari


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Hi guys!

New with PIXI and have some troubles with loading audio with PIXI.loader.

startButton.on("pointerdown", function(){
espButton.on("pointerdown", function(){

function changeLanguage(lang){
            if( lang == 'esp'){
                sound.add('sceneLogo', './objects/mp3/esp/1.mp3')
                .add('scenePlay', './objects/mp3/esp/2.mp3')
                .add('sceneBalance', './objects/mp3/esp/3.mp3')
                .add('sceneHello', './objects/mp3/esp/4.mp3')
                .add('sceneInteractive', './objects/mp3/esp/5.mp3')
                .add('sceneAirport', './objects/mp3/esp/6.mp3')
                .add('sceneDownload', './objects/mp3/esp/7.mp3')
                .add('sceneData', './objects/mp3/esp/8.mp3')
                .add('scenePerson', './objects/mp3/esp/9.mp3')
                .add('sceneFinal', './objects/mp3/esp/10.mp3')
            else if(lang == 'eng'){
                sound.add('sceneLogo', './objects/mp3/eng/1.mp3')
                .add('scenePlay', './objects/mp3/eng/2.mp3')
                .add('sceneBalance', './objects/mp3/eng/3.mp3')
                .add('sceneHello', './objects/mp3/eng/4.mp3')
                .add('sceneInteractive', './objects/mp3/eng/5.mp3')
                .add('sceneAirport', './objects/mp3/eng/6.mp3')
                .add('sceneDownload', './objects/mp3/eng/7.mp3')
                .add('sceneData', './objects/mp3/eng/8.mp3')
                .add('scenePerson', './objects/mp3/eng/9.mp3')
                .add('sceneFinal', './objects/mp3/eng/10.mp3')


Works perfect everywhere, except iOs Safari browser. Loading time from 300 ms on desktop Chrome to 1600 ms on old Droid phone (Chrome and Default browser). But mobile Safari loading time is awfull - 35000 ms.

Tried to load files separatelly, one by one before using them (don't need them all at once). And still works everywhere except mobile Safari - in this case files didn't load at all.

Don't know what I'm doing wrong. But I really tired in this war against Apple gadgets.

Thank you!


P.S. : iOs versions 10.1.x and 12.1.x

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