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Hello all,

I played a little bit with Pixijs, started a small game (added a char, some floor tiles, collision, movement, a node server which provides all level and char information by Json etc.).

So now the basics are running and I need some advice to go further:
I've seen different GUI tools like pixi-ui and EZGUI, but the github repos are quite old and I don't know if they are still supported, and much more important if they are compatible with pixi v5? 

At the moment I try to do everything in basic typescript, to keep dependencies quite small, which is fine so far. I thought to use Angular on top, but I don't see the advantage at the moment to use angular or react here. 

So my questions are:
1 .are  the above mentioned GUI tools still up-to-date/compatible with pixi V5? Or are there any alternatives? 

2. Concerning frameworks like Angular etc: I see that you can use it to create DOM elements in front of the canvas, but I tend to add everything to the canvas itself and don't use any extra DOM elements . Are there are any suggestions concerning handling/performance/use cases where extra frameworks make sense etc. (for sure it is easier to add DOM elements instead of elements in canvas...)

I have no problem to create some basic elements (button, textbox etc.) myself, but I think this work has already be done and I want to safe time, but at the moment I've lost the overview a little bit which makes sense or not. 

Any idea/advice would be helpful even as I know that it depends on game type!

Regards Moguai

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1. those gui tools aren't that difficult to update for latest version of pixi. Some plugins dont even care about pixi version because they use very stable parts of API. I'll update all my plugins and whatever my hands when v5 is released. I recommend to use LATEST v5 https://pixijs.download/dev/pixi.js ,  because we found several criticals in last three weeks :) There's pixi-ui that I will definitely rewrite for v5 with many fixes. I believe you can convert EZGUI without a problem, maybe it'll work without changes.

2. there are many angular/vui/react threads here and in pixijs issues on github, and i believe i saw angular boilerplates somewhere. Yes, DOM elements over canvas make sense if you have enough idle time in your app performance profile to trade for your coding time ;)


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Thanks for fast reply,

currently I'm using the npm package pixijs@next as recommended, so this should be fine as long as I have no critical issues.
So I will just try to use EZGUI and will have an eye on your pixi-ui development, as I love it to use "native" libs instead of external ones. 

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