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graphics performance


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i've found that a graphics have more than 300 graphicsData will be slow performance.

But if seperate it to 3 graphics( a graphics have 100 grapchisData), it will be good. But why?


yeah, batches, add into container. Just assume that every Graphics is an extra drawcalls, and for PC i recommend 200 drawcalls max. At the same time, each update uploads whole graphics, so 1 Graphics is as bad as 10000.

seems it explain why, but i didn't get it.

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We balance drawcalls, buffer binds, texture binds, shader binds, framebuffer binds that way webgl does not become clogged. I cant say more because it will start hours long lecture, try to find someone else :)

Also it might be different for v5, especially if you change "PIXI.GraphicsGeometry.BATCHABLE_SIZE." to be bigger than circle points. It probably is bigger by default, if circle circumference is more less than 10 pixels per edge * 100 max points.... = 1000 pixels . Batched graphics has different balance.


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