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Hi, all -- I'm new to Pixi development.

I'm building a GUI-heavy game (think sports team management), so looking at using signed distance field text, if I can.

What's the latest news on SDF text in Pixi? Is pixi-sdf-text the current state of the art?

Thanks in advance :)

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Easy way - do your stuff in html5 over canvas.

Middle way - there's pixi-ui thingy for GUI but it doesn't have docs but its very powerful. The only docs are issues in that repo.

Hard way - take SDF and do everything on your own.

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Many thanks for that summary. That's a wonderful list :)

Will take a deeper look at pixi-ui and gown. May well work on a fork of one of those, rather than rewriting the entire wheel.

Was secretly hoping someone had snuck SDF text into Pixi 5, without me noticing.

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