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Using a vector class with sprites


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you have to add more functions to Point and ObservablePoint prototypes. The thing is , its better not clone Observables because they affect transform cache calculations.

myMixin = {
   add: function() {... return new Point();} // return point everywhere
   subtract: function() { ... }

Object.assign(PIXI.Point.prototype, myMixin);
Object.assign(PIXI.ObservablePoint.prototype, myMixin);

sprite.position = point1.add(point2); // be aware that its NOT ASSIGNMENT, its value copy in setter.



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if you do mutable methods like these, dont forget that ObservablePoint has to notify transform: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/dev/packages/math/src/ObservablePoint.js#L52 , either you have to call "set" inside, either callback. 

using "set" inside those functions is good idea, because both Point and ObservablePoint implementations will be the same in that case.

Points class in pixi aren't universal. We didnt add those functions exactly because different users want different implementations for their games.

You're blessed for hacks ;)

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