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Texture Atlas vs Multiple Textures Performance


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I am making a JRPG engine/framework thing with pixel graphics (a.k.a. relatively small sprites); think something like RPG Maker MV. I was wondering, how significantly does performance differ when loading each character/tileset/etc. as a separate image file versus when just loading one texture atlas packed using something like TexturePacker? The way I'm implementing this it would be much more convenient to just have them as separate image files, but I don't want to sacrifice too much performance. This is most probably not specific to Pixi, but that's what I'm using so I'm posting it here.

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For characters it doesnt matter, because you see only one image per character. For tiles, there are 1000 tiles on screen from same atlas, and binding extra texture every time will be slow. Also that way you can use only sprites, because pixi-tilemap has certain restrictions on the number of tilemap atlases. Please search this subforum for threads about tilemaps, its important.

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