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I have recently received an internship offer for developing games in HTML5. But I am not sure should I take this up or not. Is there a good career which can be made out of HTML5 gaming? Mostly this industry is dominated by Unity, Unreal and Playstation games etc. I would please like to hear some thoughts. 

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We don't know your story, but my thoughts are that - generally - internships are a great opportunity ... IF: 1) the experience is aligned with the individual's long term goals, 2) the lack of income is sustainable short-term and the upside warranted longer-term.  So, survival aside, if your goals are to be a hero in the games industry ANY experience in the games industry is better than none.  It doesn't matter if you'll end up making the must-buy games for PS6 built on Unreal Engine 5, many of the the principles of the industry are just as true for small web games.  I might even be so bold as to say that it's a good thing to be in a casual generalist team for as long as you can - because it will allow you to round out and explore more skills than if you joined a AAA team (where roles can easily become microscopically specialist).  But I'm a bit biased on that, so explore more opinions.

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If your goal is to develop games then jump on it, any company that offers internship probably can support you, but be sure to clarify this (explicitly ask about how they will help you develop) before accepting.

Some things to consider:

* How long is the internship for? Can you afford to go unpaid? (or the flip side, its a competitive market, can you afford *not* to get the experience?)

* What is their personal development plan for interns? How much input do you get in to that?

* Do you have other offers on the table? Or are *very* likely to have in the short-term future?

* How actively are the company hiring? Is there a decent chance at getting a job with them following a successful internship? (the answer here is almost always yes, just make sure they pay you correctly should you get a job offer at some point, gaming isn't the highest paid development role but beginners usually short-change themselves, weigh it up with 'not' taking the job, but always make sure you get paid correctly, this is way easier said than done)

The market for any developer is reasonably competitive, gaming even more so, having demonstrable coding with live applications is a huge boost to your CV, not to mention the experience itself should, hopefully, be a very positive one.

edit: Actually, I should clarify my point on payment, favour good experience over pay at the start of your career, if a company offers you a superb level of support with ongoing and regular training and excellent mentors, jump at it, even if it slightly under paid. Don't chase the cash too early, you need to ensure you hit the relevant level of developer skill and experience in a couple of years so that you are in a strong pay negotiation position later on. In the long-run you'll earn way more than squeezing salary at a crap company early on, not to mention you'll likely be far happier this way too.

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