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using textureLod in ShaderMaterial


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hi guys,

I am new in BabylonJS, and trying to build some PBR materials with special effects, for example "thin film iridescence" in BabylonJS. I am learning something about PBR-Material and building my own PBR-Shader. I built a basic PBR-Shader, and now I want to do something more with IBL(image based lighting) and hdr. For Specular IBL i need to use textureLod Function from openGL to load mipmap according to the roughness levels. I tried something, but i always get the error "ERROR: 0:51: 'textureLod' : no matching overloaded function found".

hier is what i tried.

in HTML file i added :

var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, false);
engine.getCaps().textureLOD = true;

In fragment shader i added

#extension GL_EXT_shader_texture_lod : enable

and in fragment shader i tried to use textureLod like this:

vec3 prefilteredColor = texture2DLodEXT(equirectangularMap, R,  roughness * MAX_REFLECTION_LOD);

then i got the error..."ERROR: 0:51: 'textureLod' : no matching overloaded function found"

I found some examples about textureLod and BabylonJS in playground, but non of them works.

Do you have any idea about this topic?





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