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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I can teach you using Skype. If you share your screen I can tell you what you need to install and press. I can show you how to: set breakpoints in VSCode in the project with a few files. We will use AMD and RequireJS bundle your source files to use them in Browser. We will use Browserify and UglifyJS compile Node.js server TypeScript scripts connect your server with client that is written in pure WebGL, Phaser, Pixi.js, Three.js or Babylon.js write Jasmine Specs (Unit Tests) for client and server set breakpoints in Jasmine Specs deploy you TypeScript server and client on Heroku connect your project with GitHub to automation deploying after push More about unit tests. I use TypeScript. I will give you my boilerplate for Jasmine and I will show you how to set up it. I will instruct you: How to set breakpoints in TS code in VSCode How to write Mock objects for dependencies that was injected How to build your unit tests in production (in bundle.min.js) I use AMD-build and RequireJS to debug mode (to set breakpoint in VSCode) and I use CommonJS-build and Browserify/UglifyJS to build unit tests to production My time rate is $10 per hour.
  2. hi guys, I am new in BabylonJS, and trying to build some PBR materials with special effects, for example "thin film iridescence" in BabylonJS. I am learning something about PBR-Material and building my own PBR-Shader. I built a basic PBR-Shader, and now I want to do something more with IBL(image based lighting) and hdr. For Specular IBL i need to use textureLod Function from openGL to load mipmap according to the roughness levels. I tried something, but i always get the error "ERROR: 0:51: 'textureLod' : no matching overloaded function found". hier is what i tried. in HTML file i added : var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, false); engine.getCaps().textureLOD = true; In fragment shader i added #extension GL_EXT_shader_texture_lod : enable and in fragment shader i tried to use textureLod like this: vec3 prefilteredColor = texture2DLodEXT(equirectangularMap, R, roughness * MAX_REFLECTION_LOD); then i got the error..."ERROR: 0:51: 'textureLod' : no matching overloaded function found" I found some examples about textureLod and BabylonJS in playground, but non of them works. Do you have any idea about this topic? thanks, Sonja
  3. I'm new on Three.js and I can't find how quaternion works: it's like it always refers on local part referential and not the global one. I've illustrated it here : The rotation quaternion of the green box is via the vector (0,0,1) but it's not in the global referential, it's the one of the projected referential of the green cube. How can I project the quaternion back on the global referential? So that the green cube rotates via the (0,0,1) vector of the scene?
  4. Hello guys, I started a "30 days project" called Mural a month ago, and it reaches the first playable version. The project is designed as an HTML5 game wrapper for desktop platforms, including Windows and OSX, following the idea of Ejecta. It's originally a JavaScript port of Love2D, but changed significantly after a few days of coding since I prefer HTML5 API After a month of development some of the most useful APIs implemented, including simple path stroke, fill and drawImage. The reason that I write this thing from scratch is that Node-webkit is too fat as a wrapper. I just want to package a simple game and share it with my friends, sending a browser to him which sounds really crazy. NW is swiss knife for webapps and ambition large scale games which requires a much stable and featured environment instead of a GJ demo. The whole repo is host in Github and I'm still working hard to make it better. Any help is welcomed Plz drop me a line, I'm glad to hear from you PS. executable files attached, you're free to hack the scripts inside and have fun. (for OSX the scripts are located inside app bundle). The drawing script is from Core HTML5 Canvas examples and slightly modified. Mural Mural