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Aliasing when shadow filter is applied

Michael B

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I'm seeing some significant aliasing artifacts when a DropShadowFilter is applied to a sprite, unless cacheAsBitmap=true. Normally wouldn't be a problem as I'd just cache it as a bitmap, however I'm seeing some display bugs related to using it.

1) has cacheAsBitmap=false, no shadows

2) has cacheAsBitmap=true, drop shadow

3) has cacheAsBitmap=false, drop shadow

Am I doing something wrong or do I need to do my own shadows?


Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (2).png

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antialiasing works only for main framebuffer. Any filter, renderTexture will ruin it and its webgl problem, not pixi. In WebGL2 its possible to use AA on created framebuffers but pixi-v5 doesnt support that yet.

Well, if scale is near 1 you can try adding a transparent frame around the card for the texture.

Another approach is to photoshop your shadows into PNG files and use extra sprites to show them, and its fastest approach.

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yep I'm also using renderTexture to draw the card background here as the cards are transparent.

I'll try creating a png just for the shadow itself and see how that goes, otherwise create new card assets with baked in shadows (less ideal, I'd have to have different sprite sets then).

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as a side note, is it a known issue that when using cacheAsBitmap sprites could end up not rendered? I chased this for hours, sometimes my sprites are just invisible when it's enabled randomly (but frequent). I couldn't locate any specific bug of my own, and it doesn't happen at all when it's false.

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Its difficult part of code ,it had many bugs and i think there are still many left. I recommend study how it works and use getBounds() renderTextures and other stuff like removing sprite from parent before caching to udnerstand why its difficult.

I have custom caching for filters that takes care of very huge stages from big collection of SWF files and i still have bugs in it :)  I will publish it in summer maybe.

Welcome to hell.

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yea I remember talking with you a bit about it before and sounded like a tough problem to solve. Maybe I'll find time to contribute, I haven't even looked at the v5 source yet as I'm still using v4.

The prebaked shadows looked pretty good, so I can turn off bitmap caching and just go with that as a solution.


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