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Updating shared ticker in inactive tab


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I have a problem with AnimatedSprite in inactive tab. If you leave the tab after the start of the animation (goToAndPlay()), the event onComplete() does not work. Why is this happening?

I try update shared ticker by setInterval()

this.app = new PIXI.Application({
    sharedTicker : true,
    autoStart: false,

this.tickerInterval = null;

// Events:
this.emitter.on('window-focus', () => {
    this.tickerInterval && clearInterval(this.tickerInterval);
}).on('window-blur', function(){
    this.tickerInterval = setInterval(function(){
        this.app.ticker.update(new Date().getTime());
    }, 30);


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Another relevant place: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/dev/packages/ticker/src/Ticker.js#L390

Also I dont recomment setting up that small interval on blur. 400ms shoulkd be enough, and i dont think we need to render stage. maybe only call updateTransform()  on it. Dont forget temp parent or ask updateTransform on stage children but not on stage itself or it'll crash with nullpointer. Yeah, i know, its stupid.

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