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PIXI+ANGULAR: Sprite+Texture loaded but not visible


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Hello again. I've been on a roll with PIXI 4.8.7 and Angular 7. Up until now I have not needed to load images so things have gone pretty smoothly. 
Unfortunately I have run into an issue with loading images.

I've tried doing a simple method using just PIXI.Texture.fromImage()  as well as using a loader like in this example...

In both cases the problem is the same. No image is ever shown in the canvas. I log the stage, container, Sprite and Loader.resources and everything seems to check out.

There is a texture present and the image must have loaded because it reports the correct image dimensions. For some reason there is nothing on the screen. I made sure to add .bind(this) to the callback name

I'm stumped at the moment and could use some guidance. If anybody could link me to a working example of how to do this or tips on how to trouble shoot this further I would really appreciate it. Been wrestling with this all weekend and really need to get back on track.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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NVM. It seems to be an issue with the image itself. I just tried another image (much lower resolution jpg) and it works. The image I was trying to load is a hi resolution png with transparent background. Strange. I will post back here if I find a resolution.

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Ok, that makes a lot of sense. I was going to optimize the image anyway. Good to know. I will try this after lunch. 

I have to congratulate the PIXI devs. So far it has been a very pleasant experience working with PIXI. My only issues so far have been related to my inexperience with PIXI and integrating it with other tools.

I am loving it.

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