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[SOLVED, don't use CSS] Fuzzy Pixels on Upscale


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https://droqen.itch.io/beholder-oubliette-2 <-- in this game and in other projects I'm making while re-using my code, resizing the canvas in Safari as well as on all iOS browsers gets all blurry and the pixel art is not... crisp. I can get the crispness in Safari on a resized image, even on a resized canvas with a static image being drawn in it, so I'm not sure what the deal is with PIXI.

If anyone has an idea or a quick obvious fix I'm missing, I'd love that. I'm new to PIXI, hoping this is not some insidious unsolvable problem... I've already spent hours trying to make progress on it, but nothing seems to fix PIXI.

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Forgot about rotation. This is the best solution I've figured out so far, but doesn't quite do everything I'd like. Any tips on how to draw to a small buffer and then redraw a (strictly nearest-neighbour) scaled version would be much appreciated.

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