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Pixi js editor


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Hi, i want to know if pixi js have a editor that it can to handle the graphic's pixi and it drag and set your position, this graphics:

var app = new PIXI.Application(800, 600, { antialias: true });

var graphics = new PIXI.Graphics();

// Rectangle
graphics.drawRect(50, 50, 100, 100);

 or i use tilemap editor but i don't know if tilemap edito can to handle graphic's pixi,

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There are solutions but nothing is easy. There's pixi-svg https://github.com/bigtimebuddy/pixi-svg that can take info from svg. There's also Tiled editor and https://github.com/eXponenta/pixi-tiled that allows to take polygons and sprites from it, but I dont remember if it has export to graphics, but hey, you can add it!

Currently I work on solution to open SWF files so people would create graphics in Adobe Animate. 

I think that you can do something for your case, I saw that teams who made games on pixi with their own engine always did their own editors.

I do not know why there is no Graphics, I never needed it and I guess people hold their stuff and dont release it :( I think that https://twitter.com/Pix2d is going to add support to pixi soon.

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