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Shrinking rectangle graphic width is also shrinking / hiding graphic lineStyle


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I'm setting the starting width of the blueBar rectangle based on how long a chord needs to be held. Then I decrease the width of the blueBar in the game loop:

const holdBar = new PIXI.Container();

let blueBar = new PIXI.Graphics();
    blueBar.lineStyle(2, 0x006ba6);
    blueBar.drawRect(0, 0,
           8 * (howLongDoesTheChordLastInMs / 16.67) - 50
containers.current.holdBar.children.forEach(blueBar => {
   console.log("my linestyle is:", blueBar.lineWidth);
   if(blueBar.x <= 100){
      blueBar.width = blueBar.width - 8;
      blueBar.x = blueBar.x - 8;


The result is that the lineStyle is getting chopped off even though the console.log still shows a lineWidth value of 2.


My guess is that the lineStyle is getting hidden by the container, or that graphics don't like having width dynamically changed in the game loop. 

Thank you for any advice on how to fix this! ?

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setting width is actually changing scale. Unlike Flash, PixiJS doesnt have auto-scaled lines, lineWidth works in local coordinates, so vertical lines become very thin if your scale is small. If you have only a few bars (20 or so) you can just clear() them and refill again with the other drawRect width param. Judging by your labels that's the case :)

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